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Re: JJverse converts

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Would it have helped to mention that the 2nd pilot was (maybe still is, I dunno) the only TV episode in history to be deposited in the Smithsonian?

With the surprising-to-me large percentage of youngers who don't seem to 'reach' TOS, I'm wondering if any of them can get through FORBIDDEN PLANET or THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL or COLOSSUS THE FORBIN PROJECT, to name 3 pretty solid pics (even if FP has got some 50s-isms that are flinch-worthy.) I'm thinking 2001 would be totally off the table for most, if it is a matter of attention span.
I don't think it's a matter of attention span. I think it more comes down to the fact that the world newer generations have grown up in is very different than the world we grew up in.
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