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Re: FLASH series being developed for The CW

^ I have to watch that show sometime.

Anyway, I want a Flash that's FAST! I don't want them to tone down his powers for dramatic purposes. Part of his appeal for me is his absolute masterly over speed. I want to see him pull the guy out of the electric chair after the switch is pulled. As for what effect to use for his super speed, I like the afterimage effect best right now. I don't like the trailing blur either, though it didn't look too bad in that clip above.

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Also, if the tone is considerably more lighthearted, maybe a half-hour format would be best? I doubt they'd do it, because hourlong shows are no doubt much cheaper on a per minute basis, but the live action The Tick had some great light-hearted half-house superhero stories.
I definitely don't want to see that. I want something more akin to the 90s show. That's the Flash I know best. I've never seen the character as lighthearted despite how he was presented in Justice League or whatever.

I wonder if we'll get a John Wesley Shipp appearance at some point, either on Arrow or the spinoff.
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