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Re: Revisiting TAS...

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Also seeing seeing Scotty descend underwater in uniform and protected solely by a life support belt was just a bit too WTF for my tastes.
If a life support belt can protect the crew while stading on a moon with no atmosphere ("The Slaver Weapon"), then I do not think its a stretch for the belt to work underwater. It is the 23rd century, after all.

but again I feel it's lack of nuance in story and visuals that keep the episode just okay rather than allowing it to be rated as good.
I give TAS a break; unlike animation born to a 30 minute format, Filmation was trying to capture the essense and drive of a 52 minute show in 22. There was only so much they could accomplish, but the overall execution was sound and still played as Star Trek--in several ways the Berman series failed to do.

Two things I really do like in this episode: the concept of the aquashuttle and the design of the Argoan sea serpent.
I agree. Filmation's artists were among the best with futuristic vehicle designs, and only improved as the years moved on. They did not fail to honor the design sensibilities of Matt Jefferies, et al.

The creature designs were always a strength for Filmation, as seen not only in TAS, but in He-Man, Tarzan and the Super 7, BraveStarr and of course, their sadly short-lived Flash Gordon series.
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