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Re: The Prime Alternative

JJohnson - Now that warp test was really impressive. Great job!

Thanks... we really appreciate that

As to your questions..
Q > regarding the two formation lights on the aft of the saucer above the impulse engines:
A > No they are not on the TOSE but, they are on both the TMPE and the JJprise - so we borrowed this cannon design cue from them : )
JJprise Aft Saucer Formation lights
TMP Aft Saucer Formation lights

This design cue made sense to both of us, as the saucer would require them in the event of saucer seperation from the secondary hull

As to your question regarding the design of our PA warp stream
A > No they are not nebulae.
We were looking for an FX warp effect that would "Blend" the cannon warp effects from both the TMP and ST09.


And even a little TNG

Ricky and I also considered the warp effect could look different as the ship moved-up the Warp Scale.(i.e.)...from Warp One, with just slow moving stars... to the higher warp speeds with ever heaver streaking stars…(seen in our render you pointed out) ...all the way up to the “Maximum Warp” FX effect featured in the render and Test vid above.
This could then also be a good reason for all the diffrent representations of warp speed seen in other versions of Trek.
--- it's a thought

Regarding your thoughts on the interior color of the nacelles..
A > The color the our PA Warp Coils are indeed Blue-White!
<< see links >>

Again, borrowing design cues from both TMP (blue) and ST09 (white)

As to your question regarding The RCS thrusters on the saucer appearing to be only top and bottom, and not on the sides....
A > See link

They are the same design as seen on the TMPE...
And Yes, our RCS Thruster are also vectored thrust!

See many of our design concepts for our PA Enterprise build here >

Thanks again for all your kind words about Our PA E and Class F shuttlecraft, Drydock and pods on the TPA thread.


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