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Re: First details of nuKhan prequel comic

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Magic Blood's ability to heal. Presumably it doesn't work on every mortal wound. If someone had severe damage to an integral organ, I imagine there's nothing it could do.
I finally had that conversation with the work colleague's partner who recently had experimental blood serum therapy. She was one of six people in the world in a new clinical trial. 300 mls of her own blood was reduced to about 13 mls of blood serum, and injected into a chronically troublesome tendon in her foot. The serum has stimulated the tendon to repair itself in a matter of weeks, when several years of attempts to let nature heal it had failed to make any difference.

Similar amazing results are being explored using donated blood platelets and stem cells from foetal umibilical cords.

"Magic Blood" in the early 21st Century.
Cool story.
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