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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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The silly thing is, fans are going nuts in a good way when Kirk went AWOL during TSFS, stole the Enterprise and actually blew it up to safe one man. Picard does it, but atleast still brings the Enterprise home, and saves 600 lives.
And yes, all this talk about saving billions of lifes because of metaphasics.... When Kirk says sometimes the needs of the one (which can be read as the few) outweigh the needs of the many, fans again loved it.
When Kirk saved one life he wasn't causing any others to suffer (at least not any others who didn't have some idea what they were getting into). It can be (and has been) argued that by enabling the Baku to have the planet to themselves Picard is in fact causing (or failing to help) the suffering of many others who could have been helped by the ring particles.

That said, yes, INS feels more like a TNG episode than FC or NEM...but people going to see Trek on the big screen want something that feels, for lack of a better term, bigger than a tv episode. Kinda like how the TOS movies were bigger than the TOS episodes.
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