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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Yeah, I caught that offhanded Cheney jab, very lame.

10x9-Company of Thieves: The SGC/Odyssey is lead into a trap by the Lucian Alliance by planting seeds of a second Ori Supergate. The Odyssey is trapped in a minefield which disables it and the Alliance boards it, herding the crew, including Samantha Carter into a cargo hold. News gets back to the SGC of this piracy act but they have no direct way to get out there. The Jaffa Nation has fallen into waring factions and Teal'C is not sure when Brae'tac may have a ship to loan them. Valla steps up and offers a way to acquire one. Meanwhile, the Odyssey's Col Emerson and Carter are brought before their Lucian Alliance captor. Carter is asked to begin repairs, she refuses and so in retaliation he kills Emerson. Carter agrees to help but she's up to no good, actually working to retake the ship. Knowing the SGC would mount a rescue the black box homing beacon is used as a trap, which the rest of SG-1 in their rickety ship Valla acquired falls into. In this whole escapade it's revealed Mitchell has a plan to infiltrate the Alliance should things go like they have. He uses the same "suggestion ring/drug" to pose as a high up Lucian Alliance Contact that allegedly few have seen. Netan of the Alliance has been behind this the whole time and accepts Mitchell's ruse as a man named Tenat. Carter has freed the crew and they've retaken the ship. Netan gets word of treachery about the Odyssey take over and sets out on his own to investigate. A Lucian Alliance agent, known to Mitchell shows up to give him this intel but knows Mitchell is not Tenat and sets up a side deal with him. A bit of careful trickery with the "suggestion ring/drug"(don't recall this things name) and you have the Lucian Alliance ships surrounding the Odyssey firing on each other. The Odyssey is able to jump out but the Alliance has now declared war on the Tarrae!
I really liked this episode.

10x10-The Quest pt.1: Lots to like here in this episode(s). The return of Adria and Ba'al + the discovery of Merlin, frozen in a cave, by Morgan LeFey who holds the secret to creating a weapon capable of stopping the Ori. I really dug the Indiana Jones nature of this episode. It felt a lot like Last Crusade where, instead of 3 challenges, we had 5 simple themed tasks to accomplish just to get to the Sangreal. Some snippy dialoge for naming the dragon(or is that next episode) and Teal'C says Puff!! Not to mention the whole running joke of "we agreed dragons don't exist...right"...only to have a dragon staring them down as they are prepared to lay claim to the Sangreal.

10x11-The Quest pt.2: Show opens up with needing to defeat the dragon and using the last of the 5 clues to do so. They had to calm the dragon by calling it by it's name, or namesake as the case seemed, by shouting out Morgan LeFey's name in Ancient. Dragon--defeated. Merlin is thawed out and given an overview of events concerning Atlantis the Ori and everything else pertinent and he sets out to create a new Sangreal. Using a device, similar to the one that that did info downloads to O'Neil, he begins constructing the device. With his age and energy expended he is wearing out. He dumps his consciousness into the device and the physical body dies. Adria who was not transported to the last stop in the quest is tracking them down so they know they are on a tight timetable. Daniel faces the device, like Jack, and gets a download of Merlin's consciousness into him. He picks up the recreation of the Ori killing device, the Sangreal, where Merlin left off. Adria finally catches up to them but Daniel has not yet finished the device. Daniel, whose begun exhibiting ascened powers again, holds off Adria and her Ori army while SG-1 escapes. Adria now has Daniel/Merlin and an unfinished weapon along with it's creators.
How will they get out of this one? I need to have a good reason why Adria doesn't/can't just kill Daniel and destroy the unfinished weapon. I feel a very Bond villain type thing going on, why keep them(Daniel/Merlin) alive? I hope there is a good answer cause in reality that's what I'd think would happen. You've just caught the one who can create something to stop you....kill him/
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