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Re: How are fan productions legal?

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For example, in the My Little Pony community, Hasbro has, on occasion, stepped on fan productions. There was a very well made game being produced by a small group of programmers called "Fighting is Magic," that had garnered a lot of attention, and right before it was released to the public as a free game, Hasbro stepped in and issued a C&D.
I've seen that happen with several games. I think that the game market is just way more fickle about that kind of thing, possibly because it's not that hard for a few people to put their heads together and create something like Angry Birds or Candy Crush. But with fan films there is so much more cost and effort involved to get something that even remotely approaches the TV/film productions. Perhaps as the technology improves further and if Star Trek ever puts a TV show back on the air, then there might be some consideration, but until then there's not really any reason for them to be concerned.
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