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Re: JJverse converts

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How likely is it for viewers of either or both movies to be inspired to watch TOS episodes and become a fan of it?
I watched the TOS series because of the movies

To clarify I did watch the series when I was a kid. I can recall that much but besides remembering Spock & Kirk I couldn't tell you anything about the series at all.

After the 2009 film I watched a few of the "best episodes" I enjoyed the TOS episodes I saw but not to the point that I can say I became a fan.

Then after I saw Into Darkness I decided to watch episodes again and something just clicked that hadn't before. I definitely checked more episodes this time and I also discovered how much I love McCoy. I remember in 2009 I focused just on the Spock/Kirk friendship but this time I realized that McCoy was also an important aspect and well I think he was that missing link for me. I like Kirk/Spock/McCoy more than Spock/Kirk.

As for the JJ movies. I enjoyed them well enough but I can't say I think they are the most amazing thing ever. They feel like a typical action movie. Maybe a bit better than a typical action movie, but I like the original series a lot more. I might not even have gone to Into Darkness except I am a big fan of Cumberbatch.

And also I have always liked classic TV and film so watching the original series after the movie was not a weird transition for me personally. In fact you can say I wanted to watch classic Trek because it is classic.

edit: I was born in the 1980's so I grew up during the TNG era (which I also watched but can barely recall much from it). I never saw any of the TOS movies until recently, probably because neither of my parents were fans.
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