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Re: Peri... why do people like her?

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I think she's a better realized character in Robert Holmes' scripts ("Androzani," "The Two Doctors," "The Mysterious Planet") because Holmes wrote her as Sarah Jane. (Quite literally so in the first case, and in the latter two cases I can "hear" Lis Sladen saying Nicola Bryant's lines.) In Eric Saward's scripts, though, she's written with few redeeming features.

In the tie-in fiction, I think she's popular because she's such a blank slate.
I will say she wasn't nearly as bad in The Two Doctors as she was in the other Sixth Doc episodes I've seen. Though I mainly chalked that up to the fact that I was more interested in Jamie and Two. Still, her annoying qualities were considerably toned down. If that's because of Holmes, well that's another debt fans owe him. Still don't like her, though. It's nothing against Nicola Bryant... the character is just horrible, IMO.
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