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Peri... why do people like her?

Seriously, I'm trying to understand, and I just can't. It seems a good portion of the classic fanbase likes Peri and I have no idea why.

Having seen her now in Vengeance on Varos, The Two Doctors,and Mark of the Rani, as well as having heard her in a couple of Big Finish audios, I cannot stand her. At all. If she were my companion, I'd probably end up treating her worse than the Doctor does. She's an annoying, simpering, whiny, unobservant, clumsy, incompetent bitch. She's a hundred times worse than Tegan to me, and has absolutely become my most hated companion of the classic series. If I keep watching her episodes, I might end up hating her more than Rose and Grace put together.

And yet people seem to like her. Is it because of the emotion of Caves of Androzani? Please, someone, help me understand.
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