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Re: Star Trek TWOK Blue Ray oddity

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Therefore ever since Blu-ray came out they have tended to try to fix the problem of the past on a format where it isn't really a factor anymore, by turning down the red and turning up the cyan.

Oh well, hopefully next time they'll get it right or a least closer to what it should be.
Actually, ever since Blu-ray came out, most films have been pushed to be restored by people that care, which includes proper color timing.

Why the cyan thing has become popular doesn't really have anything specifically to do with home video. It's fad in Hollywood, blockbusters in theaters right now have it. It has to do with skin tones and complementary colors.
I posted this link on page 1, but I guess you missed it:

Apparently just about everyone in Hollywood is now drinking the teal/orange Kool Aide.
Because of this they are retroactively applying it to some re-releases of movies (for example: James Cameron signed off on doing it to Aliens when it was released on Blu-ray), while really most are treated with respect and restored properly.

You say most are restored properly, but I see forums everywhere complaining about the cyan 'problem'.

So while most may be restored properly--many it seems are not.

In any case we got ripped in the case of TWOK.

I think you may have misunderstood me. I meant, in the case of movies having too much cyan--some techs think they are 'fixing' a problem by turning up the teal--whereas with Blu-ray they could simply leave it as it was meant to be and it would look good.

That was a knock of VHS epecially that the reds bled and didn't look right--which Meyer commented on.

So for some movies, unfortunately they are turning down the red and up the cyan for no good reason--either because it's a fad or because they mistakenly think it supposed to be that way.

In the case of TWOK--they turned Regula which the film-makers wanted to NOT look like earth's moon---into something on the Blu-ray that looks exactly like earths moon in color and then add in the craters..........

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