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Re: 22nd century star clipper...

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I couldn't see an NX-Era starclipper with a saucer section, but closer to the blockier utilitarian John Eaves' Connestoga-type courier/transport.
Well as far as I'm concerned ENT never happened in TOS' continuity anyway so it don't matter. Besides I've never cared for the NX-01 design either.
Since I happen to be what you might call a "glass half full" kind of guy, I generally see three general possibilities for the timeline, one in which the ST Universe happens pretty much as described in the Spaceflight Chronology, one more or less depicted in ST Enterprise, and finally, my personal favorite, a timeline in which all of the events and vessels depicted in Enterprise exist, but so do most, if not all of the vessels from Masao's Starfleet Museum. Any events that happened in the Spaceflight Chronology that do not contradict events in Enterprise also presumably happened, more or less.

That also brings me to another timeline I have brainstormed on many occasions, in which the events and ships described in Spaceflight Chronology exist, and how the events in ST: First Contact would have gone differently (such as the Earth Solar Fleet engaging the Borg Sphere as it arrives from the future, with the Enterprise-E coming out of the temporal vortex to help the Earth fleet to finish off the Sphere before any more damage can be done), but that is perhaps a discussion for another time and place.

I see Starfleet at this point as having the most advanced ships and technology, like our military today has the fastest and most advanced aircraft, spacecraft, weapons, and most of all, technology available today, which some say is lightyears ahead of the technology available to us average citizens. And for the most part, the NX Project is an exception to Starfleet's usual activities, which is more often defense and war on behalf of United Earth, as opposed to exploration, which they usually reserve to UESPA, whose ships might even not have begun to have been really well armed until first contact with the Klingons. Incidents with the Suliban, the Tholians, the Klingons, the Xindi, and finally the Romulans would see UESPA be given the task of taking on a more defensive role, and eventually working with Starfleet to take the fight to the Romulans during the War.

And I find it ironic that you never really liked the NX design, but you are still using a saucer for the primary hull, just like the NX class. No matters, I could probably still find a role for it in my own little vision of the timeline. Whether or not it is a Starfleet or UESPA vessel, seeing as how I find nothing wrong with the notion that different manufacturers were experimenting with the same hull shapes.

I find the shape of the saucer section to be quite appealing.
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