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Re: Justice League: War (animated movie)

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Apparently the featurette for "Justice League: War" has cropped up on the internet now that Flashpoint: Paradox is out...and been pulled too by Warner Brothers. However, I did manage to read a few responses, and unfortunately it would appear that Aquaman won't be in this adaption and instead Shazam will be taking his place. Can anyone confirm this who has seen the featurette?
I found the featurette here

I don't like how the interviewees all have to pretend like the story they're adapting is awesome and basically not bring up the fact that the story arc had all the members acting like giant a-holes (which still continues to this day). I mean, i didn't expect them to bad mouth the story, but when they talk about "interpersonal dynamics" between the characters, all they can mean is that they all act like idiots and hate each other from the beginning. I will say that the samples of scenes actually have much better written dialog with the characters, and they don't seem to sound like such a-holes to each other. That could just be the stuff the showed, but I think this story will be better than the mediocre comic it was based on.

Also, they do mention Captain Marvel (I won't call him Shazam, even if the new 52 version is horribly written and nothing like the real version) but its only once and they didn't outright say he's in the story. Still, no one mentioned aquaman even once, even when they mentioned the names of the rest of the League, so its not looking good for aquaman.
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