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Re: FLASH series being developed for The CW

davejames wrote: View Post
Well nice to hear he'll be wearing an actual costume at least. Be interesting to see what they come up with.
I'm also happy to hear that. No weird black style shirt and trenchcoat like Smallville, or plain green pants/hooded shirt like arrow (I don't dislike arrow's look, I'm just pointing out its more vigilantye than superhero) but an actual costume. I'm hoping its fairly close to classic Barry.

Icemizer wrote: View Post
I wonder if they will tame Barrys powers down to the Wally level back when his series originaly started. Cant exceed the speed of sound, cant vibrate through things, has to eat constantly. A full blown Flash is a very powerful creature. I also hope the Speed Force figures into things. This would allow them to actually introduce dare I say Wally at some point in the series.
Captain Cold, Heatwave, The Top, Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, Reverse Flash and The Eradicator(no not the Superman one) top my list of villians to see.
Colonel Computron, Big Sir, and Rainbow Raider need never appear.

I don't know, I think Rainbow Raider would be pretty funny to see on the TV

When it comes to powers, I don't want him to be a wimp like in the first Flash TV show. He shouldn't be near death after running a pitiful 2-300 miles. He doesn't neccessarily need to be able to run all the way around the planet in less than 5 seconds (which I remember happening in the comics) but he shouldn't be completely handicapped. The Justice League cartoon did a good job of showing a Flash who wasn't all powerful but wasn't pathetic like the live action one when it comes to powers.
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