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Re: How are fan productions legal?

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Plus, we all remember, way back in the ancient 1990s, when Paramount went on a rampage shutting down any website or production that even mentioned Star Trek.
That reminds me of something that happened some years back. One of the companies- I think Disney? - was contacting websites and forums about using their copyrighted images. They didn't even want people using their characters as avatars.

Apparently that fizzled out. People still use copyrighted images for avatars and memes and nobody gets in trouble.
Yea, the Internet got too big for them to be able to Micromanage their Copyright to the level of going after folks using an image of a character(s) as an Avatar. I guess back when the Online world was smaller, it made sense to try and nip every little infringement in the bud before it led to folks believing the Copyright holder was lax about their rights, now, though, there's just way too much content to go after something of that small a level.
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