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Re: Star Trek Transporter - not practical!

That's a neat article, but one thing that stood out to me was they appear to be assuming information is sent uncompressed. For example, they claim an estimated 10^10 bits per human cell. That's fine, but it seems to me that there will be a lot of redundancy when you go through every cell in a human body. In fact, I'd expect much of them to be nearly identical to other cells.

Of course, this then introduces a processing problem as some kind of computer now has to dig through all that data and figure out how to compress the data prior to teleportation.

On top of this, I prefer to view Star Trek's transporters as iconic. That is, they represent a technology that moves people and things without the need for landing craft, without necessarily being an exactly accurate portrayal. The explanations that we've been given over time therefore represent the best explanation various writers can come up with without actually having a real, working such technology to reference. So I don't get too hung up on the explanations given in, for example, "The Savage Curtain", or Geordi's and Reg's dialog as being more than just set dressing. Real world discoveries and inventions will continue to give better and better explanations and future incarnations of Star Trek will incorporate some of these ideas.

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In 2004 they teleported an atom. I'm surprised in nearly a decade we haven't heard anything more about it.
Oh, there's been plenty of news. Last year, for example, there was news about having teleported over a distance of nearly ninety miles. In 2011, wave packets of light were teleported.
The mainstream media has become bored with teleportation news for now, so I don't expect to hear much about it from that quarter until someone does something of major financial importance or teleports something alive.
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