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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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I think Tuvok is the perfect person to talk to and take advice from when your emotions are a mess and you need a rock to hold onto. He is that rock..and I think thats what Janeway sees and appreciates. And like you guys said, since he is able to look at the situation objectively he can offer some other perspectives that Janeway couldn't/wouldn't see.

Btw, Tuvix is one of my favourite episodes...I think its astonishing that they wrote a character and found an actor to portray someone so likable in such an incredibly short time. Despite myself I found myself rooting for Tuvix in the end. I really was sad to see him go. He was such a unique character it would have been interesting to see him develop and adapt further.
I always wondered something about Tuvix. He picked up the best qualites of both Tuvok and Neelix and was a sweetheart. But what if he picked up the worst from each. What if Tuvix had been a complete jerk? Would people have had any hesitation about getting rid of him? Would we still be discussing whether or not it was murder? Or would everyone have been happy to see him go and not given it another thought?
That's the fundamental error in this process: basing the decision on the likability of Tuvix. Janeway did that, or else Kes's tearful plea for wanting Neelix back wouldn't have been what pushed her over the edge in making a decision. It doesn't matter if he was a first class jerk or not. That doesn't invalidate his right to live. That would be like me saying since I don't like you, I have the right to harvest your organs to save two people I like more. That's basically what Janeway did.

It is interesting, however, that there are so many in the VOY forum who think that I would not only have been justified, but that I actually *should have* killed someone to get a new kidney for my sweetie. That I did not simply proves that I didn't love him as much as Janeway loves Kes and Kes loves Neelix.

I'm really glad that I'll never run into these folks IRL. 'Cause I'm getting to the age where I'm old & expendable...
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