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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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I wonder what Data's hair is made of. I remember it gets all scruffy at some point in one of the movies.

And you know, why wasn't Data full of practical stuff like a Swiss army knife? Stranded on a planet with no phasers he should be able to make fire just by turning one of his fingers into a lighter. Fingernail lifts up, flame comes out.
Ha, while hilarious, it might have gone against Soong's attempt at making a realistic human. Then again, the super strength probably didn't help either.

i've also not seen those episodes for 15 years, so any interpretation of what Soong was doing is completely made up.

And that hair thing, that was totally Chakotay trying to pull a move, we've discussed that Janeway shot him down the minute they got back on board. She wasn't having any of it onboard. Probably why he was the most "We can survive" because inside he's thinking "we're not on the ship, maybe I have a chance now"

Seska had so much more potential, and I think that episode did. A lot of what Part 1 set up was completely wasted, baby suddenly changes father, Seska dying just like that. Pfft.

Least Paris and Suder did okay by it.
what do you mean baby suddenly changes father?

Seska assumed it was chakotay's baby but she was probably already pregnant with the Kullah's baby when she tried to impregnate herself
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