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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

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This doesn't bode well for Pacific Rim in China.

If we're counting on Asian ticket sales to bolster the weak box office performances seen in the west, this might doom the movie.

It's a shame. I got more fun and entertainment out of this movie than anything else that came out this year. I wouldn't have minded a sequel, and felt this upped the game for next year's Godzilla.
This is a trade grievance that affects ALL hollywood films. China wants to take another 2% off the profits. If Hollywood doesn't make a stand China will keep trying to lower the profits going to the Studios. Man of Steel, Iron Man, Fast and Furious 6, Monsters University, etc, are all in the same boat.
Given that the article referenced a number of big summer movies, I should think that much is obvious. But they're not in an entirely equal position. Star Trek Into Darkness, Man of Steel, Fast and Furious 6, etc. have all done very well domestically. Pacific Rim has not and fans of the film are hoping a strong Asian performance will increase the chance of a follow-up. If, as the article mentions, films start getting pulled from Chinese distribution, Pacific Rim will get nothing from China. On top of that, this article seems to indicate that Hollywood studios only get 25% of the money made in Chinese theaters. If that's true, even if Pacific Rim pulls in $200m in China, that would only contribute $50m to the film's worldwide box office.

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This will get resolved. Hollywood will probably give a little because China cannot lose face but the line will be drawn.

Legendary also is partnered with China Film Group. Sometimes the Chinese company will kick in money ($15-20 million) for production and then keep the box office receipts (although I'm not sure that was the case for PR).
Oh, most likely. But there is the chance that tempers will flare before everything is resolved and if films start getting pulled, then Pacific Rim might become a casualty.
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