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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

65. Beyond Sherwood Forest: D
66. R.E.D. 2: B-
67. The Wolverine: B+
68. R.I.P.D.: C+
69. Proof of Life: B-

This Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan film from 2000 has been bouncing in my Netflix queue for some time. Crowe plays Terry a hostage negotiator for Ryan's(Alice) husband Peter who was working to build a dam in a South American country. The dam would free up land to build an oil pipeline. What used to be the countries Marxist "freedom" fighters from the 60's have had to adapt and change to a post Cold War global situation since the 90's. A mere 10yrs at the time the film came out. So kidnapping for ransom was how they now fund themselves but it's mentioned they don't really hold much of a political sway anymore, it's about the drugs they run. I found that some of the acting was a bit over the top while trying to emote their frustration and anxiety at times. The actress playing the sister especially. David Caruso playing a badass just never works for me. The kiss Terry gives Alice, and which she tenderly takes, doesn't feel organic. You get Terry was drawn to her but didn't' feel that necessarily in return....especially as you're both working to save her husband. A decent movie but not one I'd rewatch.
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