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Re:'s "Finale" poll

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That's an interesting dilemma. What would you rate as being the worst finale, Nemesis or These Are The Voyages?
Interesting question. Nemesis is infinitely more satisfying to watch, but TATV is more assured in its purpose. That's not saying much: TATV is a jumble of plots, and the holodeck does minimize and trivialize the events the program purports to represent. Nonetheless, the purpose of ENT was to bring the narrative of Star Trek to a defining moment, the foundation of the Federation, a common point for all Star Trek series. And technically, it achieves it.

Nemesis has aspects of a finale, but it seems to be hedging its bets. Worf's development from DS9 is almost undone. Crusher and LaForge don't seem to be figuratively going anywhere. Riker gets a promotion that will take place off screen (at least we got to see Sulu in command). Troi gets to be the captain's wife, hardly a major character development. The toast to Data was touching, but it felt like it was undone in the next seen with B-4. Surely, no one at Paramount wanted to admit that they had gone to the trough to many times, but the resolution of the film makes it seem that other films (perhaps in different configurations) would be possible under the right conditions (the box office receipts that never materialized).
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