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Re: George Lucas - Why the Vitriol?

I don't hate him but I do hate certain decisions he's made.

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George Lucas created two of the most beloved film franchises of all time - Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Yet when his name gets brought up on the internet its usually to remind us what an awful writer/director/person he is. Why is that?
I think a lot of it stems from his initially not allowing the original OT onto DVD, dismissing it as rough drafts and ignoring that other people also contributed to them; this led some fans to be especially critical of the prequels, particularly their CG effects, as a way of emphasizing how much they preferred the o-OT and how Lucas changed for the worse.
However, there was also a lot of vitriol against Berman and Braga who didn't suppress any original versions.

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Also, objectively speaking - why is the OT better than the PT? (Jar-Jar notwithstanding)
I think the prequels are at least on par with Jedi but the characters, story and action were much more interesting in the original two films. The prequels also have great effects but at times overuse them although I think it was interesting and certainly ambitious to use formal yet conflicted characters.

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And, to be fair, it's not just Lucas. The Great Steven Spierberg's re-whatever-ing of E.T. by replacing shotguns with walkie-talkies in the hands of all the officer extras comes to mind. Made me want to swallow a
But Spielberg did admit a couple of years ago that it was the wrong decision and said he would not do anything like that in the future.
And even in 2002 he released the original version along with the revision on DVD.
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