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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself


Name is Elizabeth and my husband and I torment a rather large plastic food-packaging operation in Upstate New York somewhere. I have a Masters in Engineering and he is "almost" done with his PhD in Polymers.

I'm a major trek-fan... in fact when I moved from Ireland to the USA one of the greatest things I discovered about America was not freedom or other wank like that but STAR TREK NOVELS! In fact that's how I met my husband... I saw him sitting there reading one and I went up to him and asked him where he got it and if there were more.

Hobby-wise I raise plecostomus catfish, I build models, and take care of a giant cranky steam-engine. I also torment people online, and take the piss out of nOObs when it comes to any issue related to nuclear power.
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