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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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In TOS, chess was Spock's game. He programmed it into the computer. He got Kirk off charges with it in the Ben Finney case.
If any old person can beat Spock in chess then he isn't really the TOS Spock. He's just like a human guy with pointed ears and super strength.
I know Kirk used to beat him at chess but does Uhura need to take Kirk's place in every way with Spock?
a contradiction spotted here
you said no one can beat Spock and if someone does he's not Spock but then you said wahh Kirk did beat him (so it's ok for Kirk to beat him but not Uhura ) Uhura is replacing him.. and I'm like

you sound like one of the Kirk/Spock shippers now who believe that some things are "copyright" of them and get defensive over this kind of stuff.. and it's so not the way to judge a story.
I dunno where you get the impression that Uhura is replacing him from just the mention that she did beat Spock at chess.
I do not remember tos ever using chess as a metaphor for Spock falling in love with Kirk so unless you ship K/S and think they were lovers, Kirk and Uhura are obviously having a different place in this guy's life.

I think you're too focused on the chess thing and are missing the point. The chess game is only symbolic and no, it's not a Kirk/Spock thing. It's a Spock thing.
It's just a nerdy way the writers found to symbolize the moment where he fell in love with her and it's pretty in character to me. I don't even find it cheesy, at all.
That quote alone says a lot about their relationship and dynamic. e.g.,The fact that she wasn't offended by him thinking she couldn't beat her, his non reaction when she beat him, him giving her the king and how she understood what he was trying to tell her without him having to make explicit declarations of love.
I posted the quote alone because I was unsure if I could post the scans here, but that part has a context that is itself important. She isn't saying that just for the sake of...

This kind of arguments are becoming exhausting tbh. You don't have to like everything, far from it. But the notion that everytime we don't like something we have say that this isn't "the real trek" and "if [example of something that isn't so new to trek canon] happens then Spock isn't really the TOS Spock he's just like a human guy with pointed ears and super strength" is getting a tad boring and biased.
I see nothing OOC in that, nothing that canon hasn't already hinted anyway.
It's not the first and only example of someone beating Spock at chess so I can't see what makes this not canon or so weird only because it's Uhura, this time, the one beating him (unless you have some proof in canon that Kirk is better than Uhura at chess which I doubt you have and even in that case it wouldn't be 100% valid for this Uhura and this Kirk anyway)
and I'd really like to avoid a shipper war with K/S fans, honestly, because this sounds a lot like that and what their fans say.
I'm a tad sick and tired of people that compare two relationships that are so different and act like they're mutually exclusive when they obviously aren't.
To me Star Trek TOS is Kirk and Spock with a sidedish of McCoy. Kirk and Spock and the more the better.
I don't want it to be the Spock and Uhura love story. I don't care if Kirk marries Carol and Spock marries Uhura and they all live happily ever after (except it will be boring) just as long as its not the main theme of the movie.
I do not want ST13 to be a love story with Spock and Uhura the power couple aboard the ship agreeing with each other all the time, telling everyone how wonderful their partner is, dressing the same...

I don't think that necessarily makes me a K/S shipper unless I am subconsciously, hhhmmm.

Chess rant:
I thought in both TOS and reboot Spock is supposed to be super smart, smarter by magnitudes than anyone else. I think it will be to his character's detriment if they dilute that. By having Uhura or Keenser or McCoy beat him at chess that just turns him into an average sort of person.
I don't believe in TOS that Uhura could beat him at chess. She could do other things in TOS better than him. Spock admitted that. Maybe in the reboot she's a lot smarter than Spock. Perhaps thats the way Orci and Kutzman are going to go (according to the comics). That doesn't mean I have to like it. But good for people who like it. They will be the winners. Perhaps that will lead to more Star Trek fans but I don't know.
End of chess rant.

You make so much sense, however you have to realise that this are the movies and not the TV series so it is not a fair comparison.

Trek 2016 will be the final film so they need to rap it all up. Carol (the mother of Kirk's son in TOS) was introduced in the second film so we are entitled to see how her relationship with Kirk will turn out in this timeline and whether David will even exist.

As for spock/uhura we have to see where it will go in the 3rd film as well. they could break up or stay together but the writers have a responsibility to rap it up once and for all as we may never get to see JJ's Trek again on the big screen.

The S/U romance was never the theme of the new Trek films as their relationship was addressed for like 5 minutes in both films. S/U are not Anakin/Padme from Star Wars.

If Trek is rebooted again I doubt Chris, Zach, Zoe, Alice, John, Karl, and the rest of the actors would be back.

Also again I think the writers just suck a little. Uhura did not have to replace Mccoy. she could have been the lead female without messing up the kirk/spock/bones dynamic.

Perhaps the writers of Nu-Trek are not talented enough to write the story like that.

May I also add that I did not like the chess thing much as it was too romantic for my taste. I like angst and brooding better.

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