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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

serenitytrek1 I think you didn't really get King D's analogy ...

... I think he was actually talking about the S/U dynamic (also what the poster being gay or straight has to do with any of this? )

I might be wrong but I think he was simply saying that the S/U relationship and Spock's arc in that movie could be an allegory of a "coming out". I think he isn't the first one that said that here. I remember in another thread someone saying that the positive message in the transport pad scene was the way Spock essentially accepted himself for who he is (and therefore he's accepting his human side and that he has emotions) and no one judged him for that ( compared to the vulcans that had bullied him for his emotions)
It's a metaphor, so to speak. He wasn't saying that Spock was gay or that the intent of the scenes was that.
Kirk: So her first name's Nyota?
Spock: I have no comment on the matter.
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