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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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I was shocked by the pairing of Spock and Uhura, but my biggest problem with it was that I had to write their relationship into my fanfic story about Jim and Spock becoming soul mates. I managed to make it work but it was a challenge!

I don't think it should be a challenge. the term soul mate is not necessary romantic. Anyone familiar with Will and Grace or the characters of Dawson and joey from Dawson creek? Joey perfectly said Dawson was her soul mate but in the end she choose Parcy because Pacey was the guy she was romantically in love with.

this characters are all soul mates, same goes for Ryan and Seth from the OC. Seth basically abandoned his parents and girlfriend when Ryan left because neither of them could fill the whole that was left in his heart after Ryan's departure.

I do think kirk and spock are soul mates, the first ongoing comics illustrated it well when it drew them as one person.

However I also do think that Kirk and Spock are always going to end up falling in love with women , its just the way it is.

Maybe in this timeline, carol will give birth to kirk's child and kirk will not be an absent father. Maybe in JJ's timeline, kirk, carol and David would be a happy loving family. It still will not change the fact that Spock is his soul mate and if Spock and Uhura do make it in the third film and get married. Jim is likely to be his best man.

A lot of K/S fans who are mostly girls can get very aggressive on this topic. Many of them have been writing fics of Kirk and Spock been lovers for over 40 years.

they all seem to have forgotten that neither characters are actually homosexuals, so when they see Kirk and Spock with women on screen they are shocked, which to me never made sense in the first place because in all of TOS, Kirk had multiple female sexual partners and Spock had his fair share of women drama and in TNG, it was ambiguously stated that Spock was married.

Lastly, may I also add that King Daniel's analogy on Spock is beyond ridiculous and flat out wrong.

If King D was correct about how Spock acted like a coming out guy then why would Spock (after he supposedly came out) tell kirk to tell uhura (a girl) that he loved her in case he dies and doesn't make it back?

If anything is right, King D's analogy fits the S/U dynamic more as Spock was willing to tell Uhura what Sarak never told his mother.

Sarek to Spock: You asked me once why I married your mother, I married her because I lover her.

About 15 minutes later in the film

Spock to Kirk: Please tell Uhura....

I know a lot of people like K/S as lovers but please don't twist things and try to make some things factual when they are obviously not.

King D, likes both S/U and K/S , which is a rear thing because we all know how catty and hateful shippers can get about their favourite parings.

I believe we should all listen to Zacchary Quinto (who is a gay guy) on the this topic. Zachary has indirectly said that Spock is not homosexual.

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