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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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^^^ and the irony is that fans generally clamor to have TNG as it was on television rather than the different entity it became in the movies.

And here INS is likened to an eps of the series... and still not good enough. Tough crowd.
Fans are never happy unless they can complain.

SeerSGB: I fully agree. I love FC, I think it's a great action film. But in its core, INS is far more Trek, even with its flaws. Sure, I cringe a bit at the boob joke. Yeah, the pimple was overdone. But there are so many other moments, that really make this film very funny (I seem to be missing several memory-engrams...there they are) or heartfelt (I'm not letting of him) and truly sticking up for what our crew believes is right.

The silly thing is, fans are going nuts in a good way when Kirk went AWOL during TSFS, stole the Enterprise and actually blew it up to safe one man. Picard does it, but atleast still brings the Enterprise home, and saves 600 lives.
And yes, all this talk about saving billions of lifes because of metaphasics.... When Kirk says sometimes the needs of the one (which can be read as the few) outweigh the needs of the many, fans again loved it.
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