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Re: The Prime Alternative

Now that warp test was really impressive. Great job!

It did leave me with some questions...

Why were there two formation lights on the aft of the saucer above the impulse engines? I don't recall those in TOS, or from TMP/TWOK. I do remember 1 on the lower engineering hull, and fore/port/starboard on the saucer dorsal and ventral surfaces, and 1 on the aft of the bridge module. That looks to be from the JJ-prise.

The extra formations in warp - are those nebulae? Typically warp has been some form of streaked stars, where we can see forward into black space ahead. The still image appears a bit different, and I actually like it a bit better, if for no other reason than consistency with other representations of warp speed in other versions of Trek. Perhaps a bit more than streaked or rainbowed stars would be good, but I'm not 100% sold on the need for nebulae or other stuff in the warp effect. It's kind of like travelling at 100 MPH in your car - the mountains far away don't move too much, but the trees along the highway do. Or that's how I would look at it.

I'm not sure your take on this, but on the interior of the nacelles, it may be a nice touch to color the warp coils blue for linear consistency with the NX-01 and TMP Enterprise. To me it would look really nice, and could generate a nice effect while at warp.

The RCS thrusters on the saucer appear to be only top and bottom, and not on the sides. Are the nozzles adjustable or are there multiple directions on the top and bottom?

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