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Re: Star Trek Voyager: Protectors by Kirsten Beyer, Jan 2014!

First of all...what have I told you guys, time and again, about me and MATH?

Yes, the distress call originated in an episode from season 2 but if you go exactly 9 years back from where TET ends, you'll be frustrated. The episode in question aired early in season 2, but the "distress call" part won't be obvious to you...until you read Protectors, that is.

By all means, enjoy yourselves until then.

And for any of you who just can't wait, and happen to live in the Baltimore/DC area, I'll be at Shoreleave this weekend. On Sunday at 12:00, I'll be doing a Voyager panel (it's the only one, so you shouldn't have trouble finding it) and I plan to read an excerpt from Protectors at that panel.

Just sayin'....

Kirsten Beyer
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