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Re: Would you rather?

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Would you rather be Empress Hoshi Sato's bedboy with the accompanying perk of likely being murdered or be married to the Grand Nagus Zek with all the wealth and *cough* requirements that follow?
I like living but I'd take my chances with Sato rather than marrying the Grand Nagus. Besides, mirror Sato is only interested in a powerful person (or being in a position to make said person powerful), I'd just have to get out before her task is complete, and hopefully find a way to the prime universe.

And the missed edited question:
Sran wrote: View Post
Question: would you rather face a Jem'Hadar or Borg in combat?
A Jem'Hadar. If I submit to the Founders, he may spare me, but any result would be better than being a Borg IMO.

Would you rather have Worf backing you up on a mission to a hostile alien planet or Odo?
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