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Re: Short story set in ST:TOS-era: TIMELINES

Thank you. To be honest, the story was stuck in my head for six months, but I just couldn't figure out the opening lines. So, when I deployed over there, I had little to do in my down time (couldn't leave the base, no TV in my tent, limited internet access, etc.), and one day I sat down and started typing. After five or six false starts, it finally got going and almost wrote itself. It took me about a week to write. Three days for paragraph 12 and three days for everything else, and then another day to re-write paragraph 18 after a friend reviewed it and said the captain's actions were "out of character". He was right, of course, so I changed it.

You may have noticed that I put a ton of "Easter Eggs" in it. Most of them were from memory, which tells me I've watch more Trek that any sane person should, but also I drove my wife nuts e-mailing home and asking her to look things up for me. I haven't ever sat down to count them all.

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