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Re: Generations references

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^^^Biggest missed opportunity in the films was NOT to have the D in FC. If you thought the Borg were scary, just imagine them assimilating the civilians, including children and pets. The D was a miniature Earth with all the aspects of a human (and some alien) community onboard. The E were a solely military crew of volunteers. Assimilating soldiers into drones isn't as powerful a demonstration of what the Borg are going to do as the assimilation of families would have been.
Oh absolutely. Not to mention the ship itself. I can imagine seeing the familiar-and-comfortable Enterprise D sets being slowly converted into Borg alcoves would have had far more emotional resonance with the audience than the same thing happening to a ship we've only known for five minutes. The audience wouldn't have the same emotional connection with the 1701-E as they would have done with her predecessor in that situation.
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