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Re:'s "Finale" poll

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All Good Things was a great double episode, but we all knew it wasn't the finale and didn't really feel like one.
To be fair, they -knew- they'd have movies coming up. So they just ended on an epic episode rather than a conclusion. Which they accomplished well regardless of what you think about the TNG movies. None of the other episodes have this excuse. Might be an interesting poll if you replaced TUC with Turnabout Intruder.
If movies are being considered you'd then have to say that Nemesis was really TNG's finale since that was their last one and they all go their separate ways. But I don't think many TNG fans will buy that one.

If I was to give my own order it would be

1.) DS9--The arc leading up to this was great and the conclusion didn't disappoint.
2.) TNG--Very complex and interesting though at this point I was starting to get weary of time travel episodes.
3.) Voyager--A very distant third. Wasn't much of a fan of this show to begin with and another Time Travel/Borg episode didn't help.
4.) Enterprise--A salute to the cast for being professionals and still coming to work for what had to have been a huge slap in the face. Just another reminder of how far the franchise had fell and who deserved every bit of blame thrown their way.
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