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Re: Star Trek Transporter - not practical!

And bees can't fly, either.

(I understand the "bees can't fly" story is urban myth. However, the point of the story is valid: the "proof" of a model is only as good as the model. Reality may differ. The STAR TREK transporter is fictional. It is never stated exactly how it works, and episodes/movies conflict with each other in what characters say and/or what we see the transporter do. For example, it is evident from "That Which Survives" and THE WRATH OF KHAN, when Kirk and Saavik are conversing during transport, that the transporter does not take a 3D "snapshot" of the transported subjects. So the students in the article did not "prove" teleportation is impossible. They merely "falsified" one notion of teleportation. One cannot prove a negative.)
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