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Re: O'Brien's tarantula, Christina - where did she go?

Sran wrote: View Post
^She never shows up again, so it's not clear. Interesting that you should start a thread about this, because I was wondering about a man-sized tarantula serving in Starfleet earlier today.

Now that would be hard to get used to. O_O

R. Star wrote: View Post
Keiko stomped on it.
Lol! You know what - I bet you're right!

jimbotron wrote: View Post
Eaten by a Cardassian vole.
^Or this!

Melakon wrote: View Post
She wandered into Picard's ready room, climbed up the aquarium, fell into the water and almost drowned. But fortunately, Livingston ate her while she was still kicking.
Lol! And then we would never know what happened to her, so this could be it.

Or... maybe Spot ate her. =O
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