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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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Which is why I'm in favor of him getting a shot. He can't be any worse than Howard has been, and it's not as though there are any other options available.
Well, Howard is now an obscenely expensive platoon player who is utterly incapable of hitting left-handers, so it'd be hard to find an option worse than him.

I hope Young is moved. He should never have been acquired in the first place, but that's Amaro overestimating his team's ability to contend. Yes, Young should go, as should Lee as soon as Ruben finds a deal he likes (who knows when that could be?).
They might still get a decent piece or two for Lee, but there's no way they'll get anything even remotely respectable for Young -- he's a utility "infielder" who really needs to be a full-time DH, and guys like him are a dime a dozen. Basically, Rube does a salary dump or he doesn't.

Just because I can't resist jabbing Alidar Jarok, I'm going to refer back to what I originally said about the Young deal:

As expected, but holy shit, what a terrible deal for Philadelphia. The Rangers got rid of Young, only had to pay half his salary, and got a prospect and a decent reliever in return. Just as a reality check, Young's 2011 performance that people are citing as his possible ceiling was his third-best offensive season in his career, and he's 36. He's going to hit like Polanco and field like ... well, Michael Young.

Rube gonna Rube.
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