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I'm 44, and have a friend who's ten years younger. He likes TNG era onwards and most of the movies. Once when watching a TOS episode at my place he commented on the "fake looking planet set", which made it difficult for him to get into the show. I said nothing, but I was inwardly smiling and thinking "point: missed"! It's a damn shame, but this kind of reaction to the "look" and production design of TOS may well cut many out of the loop almost before they begin.
See, what seems weird to me is that TNG's planet sets for the first 2-3 years looked exactly as bad as TOS planet sets ... but it was 20 years later! So those planet sets looked infinitely worse in 1987 for contemporary viewers. Only AIRWOLF had fake outdoor sets (one of them anyway) that could rival the TNG ones for awfulness. I mean, HIDE & Q must not have even shot the planet hell horizon line right, because it actually looks like it is only a few yards deep before the horizon.
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