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Re: [Spoiler] designing the Vengeance

Let's see. Howzabout their chunk of the galaxy is very large? Also, relating more to the abramsverse, perhaps they lose huge quantities of vessels to more powerful intruders on a semi-regular basis.

I mean, 'the fleet' is occupied in the 09, so instead they send off all the rest of the available ships, which soon become jetsam.

Also, I don't get the idea that there is a shortage of starships in this version at all; the whole business of Pike saying Kirk could get his own ship in less than a decade makes it sound like there are PLENTY to go around, not like just 12 starships and a few science vessels.

Another thing: you're trying to reconcile a theoretical science notion about the ships with a longstanding cross-universe contrivance revolving around 'only ship in the ______.' The latter is a function (or disfunction) of plotting, the former a matter of credibility for some, and no matter at all to most.
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