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Re: I am shocked, absolutely shocked

A New Zealand women phone up her local council and told them that there was a 'baby moa' in her garden despite the fact that moas have been extinct for centuries. The dog control officers went out to investigate and discover the large bird was an emu. it seems that there had once been an emu farm nearby and some escapees from that farm had been living wild along the riverbank. The workers at a water treatment plant were quite aware that the birds were there and had recently notice that once was missing.

The emu was returned to the riverbed

Returning the emu "without causing a traffic accident, or harming the bird or ourselves" was a challenge.

Mr Falk used a "snappy snare", a type of long whip, to steer the bird without touching it or scaring it along the 1.5 kilometre stretch of road to the area of bush near the water treatment plant.
I wonder if this was a case of the woman not knowing that moas were extinct, or a case of her not being able to identify an emu, or both. Is the emu a well-known bird out of Australia?

(an emu appeared on an episode of DS9, maybe someone can tell me what episode it was, and what Odo called the bird, as I have forgotten).
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