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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

Ruf is kind of odd in that he's 27 and only has 29 games of major league service time under his belt. I like his ability to draw walks, but that strikeout rate is toxic (and has been for his entire career), and his power stats have been ridiculously erratic for the past few years. His BABIP is also hilariously unsustainable.

That being said, he's cost-controlled (isn't even up for arbitration for another two years) and it's not like he's embarrassing himself at the plate or in the field, so there's no reason for the Phillies not to ride him for a while and see what they've got -- it's not like they're making the playoffs this year.

In other Phillies news, they've apparently gone to Michael Young about waiving his no-trade clause, and he has said he'll only accept a trade back to the Rangers. If Jon Daniels gives Ron Washington his favorite toy back after going through all the trouble of getting rid of him in the first place, I will laugh my ass off. (Bonus Ruben Amaro, Jr., hilarity: Young had a partial no-trade clause in Texas before his 10 / 5 rights kicked in, but would have been uncovered had the 10 / 5 been broken; Rube agreed to add a contractual full no-trade clause in as one of the concessions to get Young to waive 10 / 5. And now he's trying to dump that contract. )
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