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Re: Cause and Effect - why didn't they...

Timo wrote: View Post
In "Time Squared", the heroes know there's a disaster waiting for them somewhere ahead, and there, too...
These are a couple of my favorite TNG episodes - "Time Squared" and "Cause and Effect" (along with "Clues" and "Conundrum," among others).

Tom wrote: View Post
Evacuate all non essential personal to the saucer and separate the ship, have the saucer trail behind behind the stardrive section. This way the quicker stardrive section could deal with what was ahead of them and thus protect the saucer. Also it would be more unlikely for both vehicles to be destroyed.

Unless they thought this was predestination paradox then separating the ship would not have been something they would have normally done during the first pass when the problem began.
Or, we end up with "When the Bough Breaks... A Tragic Tale"

If the worst were to happen, how would you explain to all the starfleet parents that you just send one section (lets say the one with all the day-care units) to its doom? =O

Timo wrote: View Post
Probably not. And perhaps what saved the ship was not the opening of the shuttlebay, but the avoidance of tractor beam use?

That is, perhaps connecting the two ships with a tractor beam was what placed the E-D on the path for collision in the first place...
You made me think of a question.

By connecting the two ships with a tractor beam, did they allow for the Enterprise to experience the same repeating time loop that the Bozeman was caught in - and in the final "run-through" when they make it out, would they have died if they hadn't been successful, since they weren't connected by tractor beam?

Tom wrote: View Post
Separate the dam ship! LOL
Workbee wrote: View Post
Actually, the saucer likely would have fared better. It was the damage to the warp nacelle that turned a severe impact into a catastrophe. Even if the saucer could not avoid impact, it is very possible the collision could have been survivable.

Now, whether this would still have triggered a time loop is another question. If it did, would time reset for the entire Enterprise, or just the saucer section? Then would they have ended up with two saucer sections, with living crew on both? Or maybe it would recreate the stardrive, with the original still flying out in space. Argh... this is starting to hurt my brain. :-(
It could be like a combination of this episode with the repeating time loop and the Voyager episode where the crew and the ship are duplicated - we could end up with dozens of spare saucer sections and starfleet personnel !

SeerSGB wrote: View Post
Stop where the ship's at, launch a few probes or remote controlled shuttles, and just wait and see. That's the first thought that went through my head. Besides, they know at what point the echoes started, just back up in a straight line till the echoes go away and the slowly swing wide around your old course or just sit and wait and see.
I got the feeling they were all morbidly curious to see what would happen if they just kept going. (Like I would have been >_>)

R. Star wrote: View Post
I just always wonder if Morgan Bateson's ship was like the movie Down Periscope.
Hahaha! I love this! I have to tell my boyfriend about this comment!

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Tiberius wrote: View Post
They just somehow assume that changing course will do nothing. No explanation is giving for this decision.
Maybe it was because Worf suggested it and they never listen to Worf.
That's true!
WWJD... What Would Janeway Do?
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