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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

^ Braun reached a special deal in exchange for not fighting it. In fact, not only did he not contest the charges, he affirmatively reached out to MLB. That would only apply to Rodriguez if he does the same.

Sran wrote: View Post
In any case, I don't have much sympathy for him given that he complained his way out of Boston. I can empathize with the players who helped make the Phillies a contending team (Howard, Utley, Hamels, etc.) who now have to watch what they built fall apart (as their bodies fall apart). I can also root for someone like Lee, who's never done anything but give his effort on the mound in every one of his starts. But Papelbon should just STFU. He's a tool who doesn't seem to realize that he's no longer good enough to be sounding off through the media, or that it's not smart to throw his teammates under the bus (again).
Yeah, I pretty much agree with this. Although, once again, if he were the only good player on the team (as opposed to one of many underperforming players), he'd have more of a right to complain.

Aragorn wrote: View Post
So you Phillies fans, is Darin Ruf going to amount to anything? I'm in a fantasy baseball league with more teams than normal, so finding good players is tough, especially when you have to replace big bats that go down in your lineup.
He hasn't done much so far. He theoretically should get some playing time, but I probably wouldn't put much faith in him.
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