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Re: George Lucas - Why the Vitriol?

He's kind of a one trick pony, he has one story that story - put Han Solo in a magical scifi space temple, have him kiss the girl while fighting off swords, bullets and have Indiana lightsabre Solo reluctantly become a hero fighting cyborgs or fighting brain washed human police officers in some far away land where a rebellion is taking place. He's no Jack Kirby, no James Joyce, no Virginia Wolf, no Shakespeare, no Stan Lee, no Isaac Asimov, no Ursula, no Kubrick, no Spielberg, he's no Ridley Scott

I once almost loved the films but now in hindsight believe the original trilogy to be a bit childish and something of a fashionable fad in the 80s. I used to love the DVDs and VHS as a kid but when you grow into adulthood I don't think his films age well like other film classics

He's a money hungry freak and tried to sue Battlestar Galactica, yes he's a legal nutbag and will phone a lawyer over anything. Star Wars itself is not so original lifting heavily from Metropolis, Silent Running, 2001, Buck Rogers, Dark Star, The Hidden Fortress etc so Lucas legally attacking battlestar and other scifi films citing forty-four specific counts of plagiarism and other BS, he tried to sue hiphop and rock artists, sue video games, sue Reagan for cold war satellite names, had copyright lawsuit against the digg website, all of this was just money grabbing control freak bollocks

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