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Re: What do we know about the years between ST5 and ST6?

more hints:

- "this crew is due to stand down" - implies that they were all still on active service, or at the very least some kind of reserve status.

- "all that equipment we have onboard to record gaseous anomalies" - why would they have this equipment on board if all the Enterprise did was sit around in spacedock only to be dusted off for the occasional milk run?

- "a supply of Romulan ale on board" .... "one of the advantages of being a thousand light-years away from headquarters" - seems the Enterprise had been on a deep space mission relatively recently. Also if Romulan ale is so illegal then why have it sitting around in the ship if it's parked in Spacedock long-term?

- on the other hand, Spock has been acting as the Federation envoy to the Klingons, Scott just bought a boat, and Uhura was supposed to be heading up a seminar.

Lots of confusing information.
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