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Re: Dreadnought-Class Production Line (Spoilers?)

Timo wrote: View Post
Nero is shown incapable of destroying multiple starships by any other means.
No. We see that multiple starships were destroyed by other means.

Timo wrote:
In the "battle" with the Jellyfish, the Narada demonstrates it cannot threaten modern starships with its missiles at all.
I think you mean: if it fires all its missiles at a Jellyfish and then some other ship that wasn't even targeted shoots them down, a Jellyfish can avoid being destroyed. But that hardly describes the general case of a battle with modern starships. The Enterprise wasn't being targeted in that scene, and we don't know how long it takes the ship to make new missiles.

Timo wrote:
V'Ger toasted Klingon ships next door to Earth. That got a reaction.
It certainly gets a reaction from me. Why were Klingon ships next door to Earth?

Timo wrote:
Why shouldn't this mysterious supership get the same treatment?
Because the fleet doesn't have a mandate for an unprovoked invasion of Klingon space?

Timo wrote:
Starfleet can't risk not sending everything it's got to stop the new menace.
That sounds like an argument for sending a lot of ships to Vulcan, a Federation world, not Klingon space. Which brings us back to Nero being coy about what's happening at Vulcan for no apparent reason, and inconsistency.

Timo wrote:
When the Narada was hit with the full might of the entire supply of red matter, she was twisted and shattered, with "carnage" in evidence, but with habitable spaces within still remaining. No different from what happened to those starships over Vulcan.
Completely different. All that got sucked into the black hole and went away, unlike at Vulcan where the wreckage ( which looked conspicuously like the remains of ships blown to pieces by missiles ) just floated around for the Enterprise to run into. Also, a big deal is made of using some of the red matter at Vulcan because they hadn't done that yet.

Timo wrote:
When Vulcan went, we were too far away to see what was left.
We saw that it was sucked into the black hole. There wasn't really supposed to be anything left.

Timo wrote:
Starfleet is rushing towards Vulcan to help, obviously constantly sending messages to Nero that tell of their ETA...
So the other ships were constantly sending messages to Nero, but the Enterprise was not also constantly sending messages to Nero?

Timo wrote:
This is the logical consequence of the change
No, that is not a logical consequence of the change. The Narada's capabilities do not necessarily change just because someone made a decision to cut most of the Rura Penthe material.

Timo wrote:
Appealing to rejected story ideas
Only the Rura Penthe scenes were dropped. The idea of the Narada destroying modern starships with missiles was not rejected.
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