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Re: Stephen King's Under the Dome - TV Series Discussion Thread

Man, they hand out Deputy badges in this town like candy!

A somewhat decent episode, though I agree the insulin plot felt too much like another "crisis of the week" story they had to do to keep the stakes going. God, can Big Jim and Junior just fall into a plot-hole already?

And shouldn't the tower have already been out of water? Water towers are used for the storage of water for use during peak times. Water is pumped into the tower and for most of the day when people turn on a faucet the water comes from the system but not specifically the tank it's water already in the pipes, at the source, etc. But, say, early in the morning when everyone is up at around the same time making breakfast, taking showers, etc. there's too much demand on the system and water starts coming from the tower until the peak time is over. The tank fills back up so it's ready for use during the "evening rush" when everyone is home making dinner or taking evening showers.

But let us ride along with this idea: The town is likely cut off from its water source (the nearest filtration plant) because obviously it wasn't coming directly from the contaminated lake -otherwise the contamination issue would have came up earlier. So the only water source is the tower. Which, fine, that's basically what it is there for it can be a source for "backup" water supply in emergencies, but isn't it's been several days now and they've not used up the tank's water? Showers, baths, cooking, drinking and some people are still tending fields and farms. That's not a whole lot of water in those tanks, again it's used during peak-demand times in an intact system and that's enough to drain a tank.

I do agree that I think the truck that ran into the apparently flimsy tower pipe (which is actually two pipes in one, but whatever) was a 2013 Mack Deus ex Machina and had nothing to do with any other storyline. The show just needed something to run into the tank so, fuck it, crash a moving van into it. What else you going to use? A farmer driving his combine down the road or something?!

I'm waiting for the final episode where the radio station girl pulls out the "anti-dome device" from her ass as pretty much all she's done is been a McGuffin full of plot convenient knowledge and tech.

Man, this show is bad. But it's almost a "good bad" sort of like "Surface" from a few years ago. It's sort of fun to watch this train wreck of nonsense.
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.

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