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Re: Kate Middleton: Babe of the Week #31 (July 2013)

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We may not have royalty in the USA, but it's still an important part of England's culture and history, so it should be preserved-- even if it's just for show.
I dunno, is cultural heritage REALLY a good enough reason to give a family free money?

That's a gross oversimplification of what is going on here. The Monarchy is not just our cultural heritage, for many people it is part of their current national identity. Removing them would be a bruising and deeply dividing experience for the country.

They also have a lot of support, they are there not least because the British want them there.
Yeah, the anti royals shout loudly, but they are--currently-- the minority. The Royal Family could do with being further trimmed back, although this has incresinly happened in recent years anyway, the more minor ones cut adrift as it were.

Anyway, I have more respect for many of them than I do for a lot of our elected leaders. Andrew dodged Exocets in the South Atlantic, Harry's fought in Afghanistan, William's a search and rescue pilot. Frankly they've served Britain more than most of us have. Not forgetting the Queen who's given decades of service.

And I think even those countries who don't have an actual monarchy often aren't any more egalitarian. America was led by a Bush, followed by a Clinton, followed by a Bush, then almost followed by another Clinton, and whilst I'm not up to speed on current predictions for the next election, is it still possible it might end up Jeb vs Hilary?

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pass the sick bucket for that fame grabbing cow,
The sooner we get rid of these parasites the better.
Role on the republic!
We tried it a few centuries ago, we invited the Royals back a few decades later...
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