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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

Hi, I'm not exactly and new fan, but I'm new to this forum.
Been watching Voyager since it came out - my father is a big trek fan. Voyager is my favorite series as you may be able to tell from my username :P .

I hadn't watched any of the star trek shows for a while until my family got the Borg and Time Travel fan collections for my dad on father's day. Boy, did that get me hooked once again.

So hooked that I just bought the whole series on DVD. I've been watching episode after episode today and I really miss the show. Don't remember half of them, but some of the episodes seem vaguely familar.

The strangest part is, that before my dvd's came in, while I had been watching my dad's dvds, I decided to watch "First Contact." Being borg and all, i figured "okay that will keep me in the trek mood." Watching it before bed, had borg dreams.

I love voyager so much, that now i drink my "coffee. black."
"Fear exists for one purpose: to be conquered"

-Captain Kathryn Janeway
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