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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Well, get used to it now. That shot is in almost every episode going forward...
CBSD might've found a way to fix in time for season 5. This is however the same shot that they recreated in CGI at the start of The Inner Light on the sampler disc.
The CGI version of this shot is used in Season 4 when the Enterprise is towing the garbage scow in Final Mission and when dropping out of warp in Data's Day.

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Apparently aligning all those passes can be tricky. Look at this shot from "The Wounded"

Did this happen to CBS in other seasons? They said they had a way of tracking all this stuff so it lined up.
Not at all, the version CBS D use in Seasons 1 & 3 is flawless. The bussard and deflector glows are spot on, also the deflector glow mutes the deflector dish colour, that really is such a great alteration.

Having marathon watched Season 4 its safe to say that some of the MV composite shots of the 6 foot model look noticeably weaker than CBS D's. Begs the question once more, why are they throwing time and resources into re assembling already completed stock shots? couldn't CBS just include them when they do the conform for each episode and save MV a job?

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